The Stream 2: Boost your Business Technology will offer support to small and medium Canadian-owned businesses (SMEs) to adopt new technologies. Support for these businesses will be in the form of grants to offset the cost of retaining digital advisors who will develop digital adoption plans tailored to the business. The grants will cover 90% of the cost to develop the digital plan, up to $15,000.

What is a digital advisor?

A digital advisor registered with CDAP is an organization that meets and maintains all of the required criteria to deliver digital advisory services to eligible Canadian SMEs. Digital advisors are required to provide vendor neutral advice in the provision of advisory services to SMEs and will be subject to CDAP’s Code of Conduct. Registered Digital Advisors will work with eligible SMEs to develop digital adoption plans tailored to the needs of the client. Digital adoption plans must meet the minimum viable elements identified in the CDAP digital adoption plan guide.

Why do we need digital advisors?

The pandemic has changed the way Canadians do business. Companies, employees and customers are doing more and more business online. Canadian businesses need to adopt new digital technologies to meet their customers’ needs and stay competitive. Stream 2 aims to help SMEs where the digital adoption is more sophisticated, requiring more advanced technology, such as small manufacturing and food processing operations, among others. Supporting a digital economy will help Canadian companies grow and create more jobs and will be crucial to Canada’s long-term competitiveness. CDAP will help SMEs accelerate their digital transformation to fuel economic recovery. Before meaningful transformation can happen, SMEs need an effective digital adoption plan. CDAP is seeking digital advisors to help SMEs create digital adoption plans that will take them to the next level along their business journey. Digital advisors that meet specific eligibility criteria will be listed on the program’s digital advisor marketplace, where interested SMEs can retain their services.

Important notes: